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Aeterno Robotics makes industrial automation accessible to manufacturing companies.

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Industrial robots, refurbished at the highest standards.

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    02/2015 | R-30iB A-Size | 3100 mm | 125 kg

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    01/2012 | R-30iA B-Size | 3060 mm | 185 kg

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    08/2012 | R-30iA B-Size | 2655 mm | 210 kg

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    11/2011 | R-30iA B-Size | 3005 mm | 125 kg

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Palletizing or end-of-line palletizing refers to stacking products on a pallet. This is one of the main repetitive tasks with which you can significantly increase the efficiency of your organization.


There are many repetitive tasks our packaging robots are keen to conduct in the manufacturing process! Labeling, filling, or palletizing are all pick-and-place applications one cannot do as accurately as an industrial robot from Aeterno.

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