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Aeterno Robotics gives used industrial robots a second life

The robots are purchased, thoroughly tested, repaired if necessary and completely refurbished. We supply our products to integrators who resupply the robots to production companies. But we only do this after our experts have determined that the refurbished robot is completely fine. As a customer, you are thus assured of a high-quality product at a fair price.

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Standard 12-month warranty


Delivery times from one week

Refurbished for the future

At Aeterno Robotics, we offer a long-term solution. That is where the company gets its name: our industrial robots should last as long as possible, preferably forever. We invest a lot of time and attention in refurbishing our products, so that they can be delivered in perfect condition. As much attention as we put into the technical part, we also provide to our suppliers and customers. We build long-term relationships with mutual trust. That is our strength.

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Industrial Robots by Aeterno Robotics, refurbished to the highest standards.

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Our core values

At Aeterno Robotics, we believe in the eternal concept of quality, service, and transparency. Our aim? Making sure our customers are so satisfied that they keep coming back. That is great for you and for us.

Quality as priority

We only sell products that we fully support. Is something happening? We offer a standard 12 month warranty.

The best service

We refurbish robots, but we work with people. By entering into discussions together, we find a long-term solution.

A transparent approach

We are transparent, open and honest in our communication. In this way we create a sustainable relationship with our suppliers and customers.

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